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Fujian Sannong Calcium Carbonate Co.,Ltd

We, Fujian Sannong Calcium Carbonate Co., Ltd., founded in 1998.Located in extraordinary beauty of landscape of Jinxi River in Jiangle,Fujian we make use of the native and high-quality calcite mineral resources, speciali ...

Fujian Sannong Calcium Carbonate Co.,Ltd
No.37 Xinan Road, Jiangle,Sanming, Fujian,China


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calcium carbonate for paint

calcium carbonate for paint
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our calcium carbonate is widely used in paint industry with its high white whiteness and ideal distribution as filler and dope.It can successfully improve the characteristics of the products and lower the cost of the finished product.It could improve the processability charactistics of the products and also has a function of anti rust.

Usage: Fillers of Paint, Print, ink, Plastic, Rubber, Adhesives, Pharmacy, Fodder, Paper-making, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polyethylene(PE), polypropylene(PP), ABS, Building material, etc.

1.Identical grain size, low oil absorption value.
2.To reduce the cost of products ; to make products have good foamed effect.
3.To enhance hardness, rigidity, size stability,fire-retardantness, glossiness of products.
4.calcium carbonate is used for high polymer material to improve the craftwork of processing and enhance the mechanics and hot stability of products; It can reduce the cost with the enhancement of dispersibility and compatibility.