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SIPUN Electric Co.,Ltd. is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing wiring terminal, the electric connecting piece and other switching equipment. Company relies on the advanced management pattern, the consu ...

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SEK(SAK) Series Screw Frame Clamping Terminal Blocks

SEK(SAK) Series Screw Frame Clamping Terminal Blocks
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Normal Running Condition

1.Surrounding temperature : the upper limit is+40, the lower limit is-25.
2.The sea level of installation site should not surpass 2000m.
3.The relative humidity does not surpass 50% if the surrounding temperature is+40. It allows a higher relative humidity in lower temperature. For example, the relative humidity is 90% when the temperature is +20. But should considerate frost on the surface of the products that caused by the change of the temperature.
4.The pollution level is 3.

The function of the wiring system is offering reliable joint to the machinery and the electric. Our company's pressure wire frame can effectively realize this function. This kind of pressure wire frame is made by steel that has hardened and galvanized. It can bear huge force moment of the steel screw, to firmly contract the wire. Plate tin lead alloy on the copper conductor, to insure that it will connect with the wire permanently. This wiring system is popular with customers and widely used for following advantages:
The contact pressure is big, as well as the contacted area. Has the function of self-locking, vibration-resistance, loosening protection. Do not need inspection and maintenance. The contact point is absolutely aeroseal and corrosion resistance. The soft wire can be used for direct connection. It's easy to use.

The Principle of Self-locking :
The tongue with screw thread on the pressure wire frame eject when tighten the screw, cause a reacting force to the screw. Then cause the self-locking function between the pressure wire frame and the screw. It will not loose after the wire is compressed, even under the vibration condition. It can be used for a long time without maintenance.

Protective Earthing Wire Holder :
SEK-JD series are designed for the self-locking function. The insulation is manufactured with yellow&green color. The slide way directly connect with the conductive part of the wire hold, so the slide way play a role of earth wire.