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Zhuozhou Rongan Unitized Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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Zhuozhou Rongan Unitized Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Yangguang Street in Develop Zone in Zhuozhou City
Zhuozhou, HB 072750


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Glass wool panel production line

Glass wool panel production line
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Delivery Lead Time:
120days to 180days
Payment Terms:
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Product Description

Glass wool is a kind of fibrous material made of natural ores such as quartzite, dolomite, feldspar, limestone and so on, which are melted into glass fluid by adding in accessories such as Calcite soda and borax and then drawn, blown or thrown into very thin fibers by external force under fusing state. It's a kind of inorganic fiber,
Producing process:
A. Equipment forming:
Melting equipment
Gas pond kiln:
Furnace platform (platform with three layers)
Batch feeder
Feeder (bearing weight is 0.3 ton)
6-41-7.1# (wind-pipe inc.)
Venturi (combustible gas controller)
Venturi control cabinet
Electric control cabinet
B. Fibrosis equipment
Spinning machine
Control cabinet
Resin-spray and concoction liquid assembly
Spinning machine track support frame
Spinning machine moving vehicles
C. Wool collection part:
Wool collection machine 1 set
Wool-collecting barrel
Wool-collecting induced fan
Wool-collecting machine chain board fan
Wool-collecting machine control cabinet
D. Shaping equipment
Wool-allocation conveyer (8 meters)
Solidify furnace(curing furnace)
The main power assembly
Heat-resisting fan
6-41-7.1C 6-41-4.5C
Slitting cutting machine
Crosscutting machine
E. Scrap recycling equipment
F. Felt-rolling machine
Control cabinet (touch screen PLC control cabinet)
G. Resin-making equipment
Electric heating reaction vessel
Reaction vessel platform
Reaction vessel control cabinet
Resin-making tank
H. Chilling machine
I. Universal equipments
Air-compressor 20m3
Air-compressor control cabinet
Roots fan
Roots fan control cabinet
Water pump