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Zhuozhou Rongan Unitized Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Yangguang Street in Develop Zone in Zhuozhou City
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Rock wool production line (Cupola furnace)

Rock wool production line (Cupola furnace)
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Product Description

a) Capacity: 3000tons-30000tons/year
b) Product specification:
Rock wool product
Density(Kg/m3) Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
Panel 40-200 1000(Adjustable) 500-2000 30-150
Felt 40-100 1000(Adjustable) 1200 30-100
Stitching felt 40-90 1000(Adjustable) 1000-1200 40-100
Pipe Density(Kg/m3) Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm)
80-100 1000 20-630 30-100
c) Equipment composition
i. Raw material system
1. Feeding system
2. Automatic proportioning machine
3. Control cabinet (PLC is adopted)
4. Feeding machine
ii. Melting system
1. Furnace platform
2. Cupola furnace
3. Material level control system
4. Dust catcher
5. Waste gas burning furnace
6. Waste gas intake pipe
7. Waste gas intake fan
8. Heat exchanger
9. Control cabinet
10. Melting furnace cooling system
11. Wind supply fan for the melting furnace
12. Wind supply pipeline for melting furnace
iii. Wool making system
1. High speed centrifuge
2. Fan
3. Fiber blowing bellows
4. Lubricating system of centrifuge
5. Water pump and water cooling system
6. Electrical control cabinet(PLC)
7. Residue-remover
iv. Rock wool resin-spraying system
1. Laser tracking system of lava
2. Metering pump
3. Nozzle for resin diffusion
4. Control cabinet
v. Wool collecting and allocation system
1. Wool collector and Pendulum wool allocation machine
2. Control cabinet
3. Air-intake fan for wool collecting
4. Dust filtering system of wool collecting part
vi. Board making system
1. Wool allocation conveyer
2. Compressing pleating machine
3. Curing oven
4. Main power assembly
5. Control cabinet
vii. Curing oven explosion-proof system
1. Natural gas inspect system
2. Explosion-proof fan
3. Explosion-proof pipes
4. Control cabinet
viii. Cutting system
1. Cooling conveyor
2. Cooling fan
3. Thickness saw
4. Cooling cutter
5. Metering device of cutting
6. Control cabinet
7. Cutting machine driving system
ix. Dust-removing system of cutting part
1. Bag-type dust filter
2. Dust-removing pipes
3. Dust-removing fan
x. Curing oven hot blast system
1. Heat-resisting fan
2. Hot blast furnace
3. Burner
4. Hot wind pipes
xi. Scrap recycling machine
1. Crusher
2. Scrap-recycling fan
3. Scrap-recycling pipeline
xii. Optional equipments
1. Resin-making equipment
2. Felt-rolling equipment
3. Felt stitching machine
4. Pipe making machine
5. Automatic stacker
6. Packing machine
7. Al-foil covering machine
D. Raw material and fuel
a) Raw material
The raw material of rock wool is slag and basalt. And our company will provide the formula of raw material.
b) Fuel
The fuel for cupola furnace is coke.