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Anhui T.C Refrigerant High-tech Co.,LTD

Anhui T.C Refrigerant High-tech Co.,LTD, mainly specializes in manufacturing many kinds of environmentally friendly refrigerants and MAPP gas. We resolve on human environmental protection project, and we have established ...

Anhui T.C Refrigerant High-tech Co.,LTD
Room 101-201, Building 7, Yingjia Square of Jingta
Hefei, AN 230041


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Refrigerant R407C

Refrigerant R407C
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Product Description

Product physical property
Molecular weight : 86.2
BP, (Centigrade) : -43.4
Ice point( centigrade): -----
Critical temperature ( centigrade): 86.2
Critical pressure, MPa 4.62
Density of saturated liquid 25 centigrade, (g/cm3): 1.139
Specific heat of liquid 25 centigrade, [KJ/(KG.centigrade)]: 1.51
Specific heat of equipressure ateam(Cp), 25 centigrade and 1010.3kpa[KJ/(kg/centigrade)]: 0.963
ODP : 0.000
GWP: ----
Critical density, g/cm3: ----
Vaporization heat BP, KJ/Kg: 249.4

Quality standard
Purity: pass 99.8%
Moisture: lower than 0.001
Acidity: lower than 0.00001
Residue on evaportion: lower than 0.01
Appearance: colorless, no cloudy
Odor: no smell

Disposable steel cylinder 30b/11.3kg