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The upside-down trumpet type

The upside-down trumpet type
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The ultrasonic transducer is a device that can convert the electrical energy into the mechanical energy (ultrasonic).Meanwhile piezoelectric transducer, with the most mature and reliable technology ,converts the electrical energy into the acoustic energy by piezoelectric effect .It is composed of the central piezoelectricity ceramic elements, metal cover plate in front and back, prestressed bolts, the electricity pole piece and the insulation tube. This kind of transducer (bolt fastening transducer),shaped in sandwich, can generate the stable ultrasonic wave when the load is changed, which is the most essential method to obtain the power ultrasonic driver source. According to the different design, it can be mainly divided into the columnar type (the diameter of the metal cover plate in front and back are the same), upside-down the trumpet (front cover board diameter diminishes gradually through the arc), the columnar type steel with post operculum, and the columnar type with nodal point and so on.

Main characteristics:
High Efficiency: With high mechanical quality, it can achieve high transfer efficiency between electrical energy and acoustic energy when working at the point of resonance frequency.
Large amplitude: after optimal designed by computer, the speed of vibration becomes high and the amplitude of front plate becomes large.
High Power: under the action of the prestressed bolts, piezoelectric ceramic energy reaches to the utmost.
good heat-resistance: of small resonance impedance, little quantity of heat, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.