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LECOL Luchan Enterprises Co., Ltd.

LECOL Luh Cherng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been the leading supplier of Boiler Water Sampling Systems in Taiwan for more than a decade. Our product line includes Sample Coolers, Pressure Reducers, Back Pressure Valves and ...

LECOL Luchan Enterprises Co., Ltd.
No. 42 Mei-Shan Rd.
Niao Song District
Kaohsiung, Kao-hsiung 833

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Cation Exchange Resin Column

Cation Exchange Resin Column
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Product Description

LECO LUCR Cation Exchange Resin Column is used to detect some Anions which can only allow a small amount concentration (i.e. ppb) in the boiler/steam water circulating system. When the sample flows through the resin column, the cation are caught by the cation resin and anion will transfer to its own acid which is much more sensitive and can be detected by a conductivity analyzer. Once the conductivity reading is higher than expected, it means that there are some leakage in the circulating system such as the steam condenser section which is using sea water for cooling in most power plants.

Features include rugged design 316SS covers for both end. Quick release 316SS connector to make maintenance easier and faster. Clear view through Polycarbonate tube body, no PVC used to prevent Chlorides leach. Vent hole design to prevent air trap in the column and shorter the response time.

Connections 6mm ID hose connector standard, others available upon request. Resin Volume 950mL Standard, 1800mL optional. Flow rate 100 ~ 300 mL/min (200mL/min. recommended). Max operating pressure 7barg, Max operating temp. 75 deg. C