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mineral water production and packing plant

mineral water production and packing plant
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Product Description

water treatment, bottle blowing machine, bottle washing, filling and capping of pure water, mineral water etc.
Technical features:
The production line is formed by auto water treatment, bottle blowing machine, bottle washing machine, pressure filling machine, cap sealing machine, and carrying machine, etc. The key part for washing, filling and sealing are made of high quality stainless steal. This machine features advanced technology, complete system, reliable performance, and plain operation, etc.
3. Principal parameter
Model Produce capability Bottle height Motor power
GDW-12 GDF-12 GDC-4 1000-2000b/h 160-300mm 3.05kw
GDW-18 GDF-12 GDC-6 2000-4000b/h 160-320mm 4.17kw
GDW-24 GDF-12 GDC-8 3000-8000b/h 160-340mm 4.82kw

This machine combines washing, filling and capping function.
1, automatic, this line fills automatically, saves time and labor;
2, no dropping: use of high-fluid position control is accurate so as to ensure the filling quality, adopt hermetically pressure filling, no foaming, no spill-over.
3, no breakage: adopt soft backing board unit. A safe and reliable automatic filling system, no bottles or the bottles are substandard quality to build the constant pressure, the valve will closure automatically.
4, auto-protective: the part of filling setup has design over load cluth to be a protector; it could automatism stop when abnormity appear.
5, soft start: the machine start-up have no impact, operate from low speed to high speed, start-up balanced.