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Changchun GoldDragonOptics Co.

Changchun GoldDragonOptics is a professional manufacturer of precision optical components. Our core business is designing and producing custom optics products and crystals for the commercial and marketplace refer to lase ...

Changchun GoldDragonOptics Co.
No.286 Torch Road
Changchun, JL 130012

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Supply Achromatic Doublet lens

Supply Achromatic Doublet lens
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Product Description

According to custom design to manufacture kinds of spherical lenses. Such as plano convex spherical lens, plano concave spherical lens, bi-convex spherical lens, bi-concave spherical lens, meniscus lens, achromatic lens, aspherical & spherical series.
Material: flint glasses, UV-fused silica, Infrared fused silica, CaF2, Ge, ZnSe, Si, etc.
Focal length: +/-5mm --+/-1000mm+/-1%
(test by TIROPTICS OPTOMATIC2000 made in Germany)
Diameter: 4mm--200mm +/-0.1mm
Tc tolerance:+/-0.1mm
Centration: 3-5'
Surface accuracy: lambda/2
Surface quality: 40/20
Clear aperture: 90%
Coating: custom design
Besides, there are a large volume of stock optical components in various shapes and sizes to facilitate quick deliveries.