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Calmag Ltd

Calmag is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of Commercial and Domestic Water Treatment and Conditioning products because we are succeeding in achieving a simple logistical approach to the industry which has been welc ...

Calmag Ltd
Units 3-6 Crown Works
Bradford Road
Keighley, Bradford BD20 5LN
United Kingdom


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E250 ElectroMag Scale Inhibitor / Water Conditioner

E250 ElectroMag Scale Inhibitor / Water Conditioner
USD 4028.00 - 6625.00
Delivery Lead Time:
7 Days
Minimum Order:
1 Piece(s)
Supply Availability:
10 Piece(s) per Day

Product Description

ElectroMag is a WRAS Approved electromagnetic scale inhibitor, providing industry with a low cost solution to preventing hard limescale build up. ElectroMag is an innovative product which not only protects appliances from future limescale build up, but will also breakdown existing limescale to further enhance heat transfer efficiency. With patents and WRAS approvals pending, ElectroMag ensures limescale is controlled in applications where a water softener is not viable.

A dual purpose shaft allows the magnetic flux, generated by an internal coil, to react with the water as it passes through the conditioning chamber. The magnetic flux is specifically sized to a range of flow rates, determined by pipe size and site conditions. This alters the crystallisation characteristics of limescale in the water. ElectroMag effectively controls the build up of limescale in various types of appliance and pipework. It is available to fit 2", 2.5", 3" and 4" pipe sizes.