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Electro-hydraulic Forging Hammer

Electro-hydraulic Forging Hammer
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Product Description

Electro-hydraulic Power Head is Driving System to replace Air / Steam Supply System

and Cylinder System in the Air Steam Forging Hammer, through the interactive flow of

working medium to achieve Light Hitting, Heavy Hitting, Consecutive Hitting, Hang Up,

Lifting Up, Pressing Down, Slow Up, Slow Down all kinds of actions applied in the

forging works.

Electro-Hydraulic Power Head System include Link Cylinder Girder (include tup and

hammer rod), Hydraulic Station, Motor Pump Group, Nitrogen Bottle Group, Electrical

Cabinet and relavent Pipeline system.

Advantages of Electro-hydraulic Forging Hammer

(1). Evergy Saving. Electro-hydraulic Forging Hammer saving 80%-90% energy than

Air Steam Forging Hammer, working medium( Hydraulic Oil and Nitrogen Gas)

recycle use in the system, and motors only started as per the actual forging

requirements, accumulator installed in the system, if the accumulator is full, motors

unload running, reduce the running cost and increase the production greatly. Evergy

Saving Products acclimatized with Modern Requirements.

(2). Environmental Protection. Electrical Motor driven the Hydraulic Oil, Hydraulic Oil

and Nitrogen Gas working at closed pipeline. The new system abolished Air Steam

Supply, get rid of all kinds of environment pollution. Environmental Protection is more

and more attentioned by humanity.

(3). Radiate X type Hammer Head and Guide Rail, when hammer head temperature

goes up, avoid the guide rail block the hammer head, so the space between the hammer

head and guide rail is small and increase the accuracy.

(4). Safety Valve installed in the system and all kinds of protection is dsigned and

applied in the system.

(5). Easy and Flexible Operating System, Same Operating system and operating