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Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1997, DSMAC Group is a crusher and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment. Our equipment can be used in the mining, building materials, metallurgy, ...

Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Guohuai Road, Hi-tech Development Zone
Zhengzhou, HE 450001

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DS Impact Crusher

DS Impact Crusher
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Product Description

The impact crusher is widely used for coarse, medium, and fine crushing of all kinds of ores, construction materials, cement blocks, granites, limestone, etc.
DSMAC has introduced advanced technology from home and abroad to successfully design and manufacture the up-to-date impact crusher in line with the specific industrial and mining conditions in China. The new impact crusher can be used for intermediate and fine crushing in the second and third grade. The impact crusher is designed with cubic shape and features convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving. It can achieve selective crushing.
1. Impact crusher is featured with high crushing ratio, large feed hole, adjustable discharge hole and little powdery finished product.
2. Crushing is conducted with multiple crushing cavities. The impact crusher is particularly suitable for hard rock crushing.
3. The rotor is designed with the most advanced finite-element analysis technology for local reinforcement.
4. The high-chromium plate hammer is manufactured with crystal alloy which results in its sound impact resistance and wear resistance.
5. The space between impact plate and plate hammer is convenient to adjust. The finished product is cubic-shaped.
6. Impact crusher is small in size, occupying very little space.
7. Designed with a hydraulic opening device, easy and convenient to operate, install and maintain.
8. The new wear resistant materials enable the plate hammer, impact plate and lining plate to have a longer service life.

Type Feed port size
(mm) Max. feed size
(mm) Rotor size
(mm*mm) Capacity
(t/h) Power
(kw) Dimension
PF-1007V 400*730 250 1000*700 20~40 55 2400*1560*2660
PF-1010V 400*1080 300 1000*1050 60~90 75 2440*2250*2630
PF-1210V 400*1080 350 1250*1050 70~120 132 2700*2340*2900
PF-1214V 400*1430 350 1250*1400 80~140 132/160 2700*2690*2890
PF-1315V 860*1520 350 1320*1500 150~200 220 3100*3280*2670
PF-1320V 860*2030 500 1320*1200 200~280 315 3329*3205*3279
PF-1416V 1052*1652 500 1420*1600 280~350 315/280 4905*3154*613
PF-1520V 2040*1315 700 1512*2000 350~450 400/450 3849*3422*3649
PF-1620V 2040*1315 700 1612*2000 450~550 500 3949*2520*3426
PF-1820V 1620*2040 700 1800*2000 550~700 630/710 4471*3250*4008
PF-2024V 1800*2430 1200 2000*2400 800~1100 1120 4800*4740*4180