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china leadmat advanced material co.,ltd

As a major supplier of materials,Leadmat Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd can offer a widly kinds of raw materials and products.include sputtering targers,evaporation materials,high pure materials,rare earth materials and adva ...

china leadmat advanced material co.,ltd
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Coating Materials

Coating Materials
USD 8.00 - 12.00
Coating Materials
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vacuum packaging
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1 Kilogram
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10000 Kilogram per Month

Product Description

Evaporation Material
Leadmat Advanced Materails Co.,Ltd is an experter in the supplying coating material,As a primary PVD coating material, Evaporation material are widely used for field of optical,electric,photoelectric,decorate and so on.Users usually make cold light mirror,high reflective coating,anti-reflective coating and laser coating etc.
The evaporation materials include Metal Evaporation Material,Oxide Evaporation Material,Fluorid Evaporation Material,Boride evaporation materials,Carbide evaporation mateirals,nitrides evaporation materials,selenides evaporation materials,sulfides evaporation materials,tellurides evaporation materials,Other Compound Evaporation Material,Mixture Evaporation Material,alloy evaporation material. Also Leadmat supply many kinds of evaporation process assistant tools (evaporation boots,evaporation crucible,evaporation sheet,evaporation source,filament…)
Specifications of shaped materials:
Purity:99%,99.9%,99.99%,99.999% and 99.9999%.
Shape:foil,sheet,wire, filament,powder,pellet,shot,tablet,ingot,chunk,lump,granule,dendritic,crystal,etc.