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Shenzhen Lianhuan silicone rubber co., Ltd. was established in 1997, which cooperation specialize production and sales of silicone rubber. Main products application many series in hundreds of kinds of silicone products i ...

lianhuan silicone rubber material co.,ltd
shapuwei industrial area
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Artificial Water Encapsulation Rubber/Display Rubber/lhsilicone

Artificial Water Encapsulation Rubber/Display Rubber/lhsilicone
USD 12.50 - 13.50
lianhuan silicone rubber
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Product Description

PRODUCT OVERVIEW LH105 is a water clear silicone rubber that looks just like water and is ideal for a variety of display applications.
This rubber is perfect for encapsulating artificial flower stems for creating lasting floral displays. You can also pour LH105 around just about any inanimate object to encapsulate for display. You can also create a variety of display props and novelty items. LH105 can be used to create water/pond effects for small scale model environments. Fully cured LH105 can also be crumbled to look like broken glass, diamonds or ice. Add color to LH105 with Color paste for adjust color.

Two clear liquids (Part A and Part B) are mixed together in 100A:3B amounts. The mixture is then poured around artificial flower stems or over an object. LH105 cures to a soft rubber over night depending on casting thickness and conditions (see reverse side of this technical bulletin). When cured, LH105 looks just like water and will last a long time.

LH105 Advantages:
Non-Hazardous – No dangerous chemicals •
Soft, Clear Rubber Lasts A Long Time •
Easy To Use – Mix two liquids in equal amounts and pour •
UV Resistant • Cures without generating any dangerous heat or fumes •
Minimal Bubble Entrapment •
Cures perfectly clear - Looks just like water •
Cured rubber can be removed from object

Pre-Mix Parts A and B - Shake containers vigorously before using to re-disperse material that may have separated. If material is packaged in buckets, remove lid and pre-mix aggressively with a paint stick or mixing paddle. Dispense 100 Part A and 3 Part B by volume into mixing container. Mix thoroughly for at least five minutes, making absolutely sure that you scrape the sides and bottom of your container several times. Material appears cloudy when first mixed, but will clear after a few minutes.

Typical Product Data Properties
Model LH105
Appearance transparent
A Part?cps?25?? 1000
B Part ?cps?25?? 800
Mixed Ratio?by Weight?A?B 100: 3
Mixed Viscosity?cps? 900
Pot life(min,25?? 10-20minutes
Cured time ?min?25?? 2hours-4hours
Hardness after cured 28+2 shore A
* Testing is performed in accordance with current Lianhuan silicon material test methods, laboratory
* Typical property data values should not be use as specifications
Packing Silicone A Part : 1KG/Bottle, 25KG/drum,200kg/dum
Hardner B Part: 100g Bottle, 500gbottle,1KG Bottle, 16kg drum