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Silicon is rarely found in nature in its uncombined form. In silicon is with 25.7% of the Earth’s crust being silicon. Silicon, binds strongly with oxygen and is nearly always found as silicon dioxide (Quartz) , so it the most second available material on earth and due to that the quartz crystal is (piezoelectric) so used in industry

Ground silica, also known as ground quartz and silica flour, is produced by grinding high-purity quartz, quartzite, sandstone, or silica sand to finer than 200 mesh. Air separation is used as required to remove kaolin, mica, feldspar, or calcite impurities. Silica sand recovered as a byproduct during the flotation of other minerals is also used as a source. Ground silica for filler uses typically assays >99% SiO2 and offers high brightness, low moisture, chemical inertness, relatively low surface area, and the low liquid absorption

Category Silicate mineral
Silica SiO2

Crystal symmetry


Color From colorless to black, through various colors
Crystal habit
6-sided prism fine-grained to microcrystalline, massive
Crystal system
?-quartz: trigonal ?-quartz: hexagonal

Common Dauphine law,
{0110} Indistinct
Tenacity Brittle
Mohs scale hardness 7 – lower in impure varieties
Vitreous – waxy
Transparent to nearly opaque
Specific gravity

Melting point
1670 °C (? tridymite)
1717 °C (? cristobalite)

Insoluble at STP; 1 ppmmass at 400 °C and 34 bar to 2600 ppmmass at 500 °C and 103 bar[1]

Other characteristics Piezoelectric,

Uses :
1- glass industry 2- lenses industry
3- television, radio , computer , radar , transmission machine industry
4-pure quartz for photocells 5- semi conductor industry
6-Cleaners 7-Paint
8-cramics : Low-iron ground silica, typically -200 mesh, and calcined silica are used in whiteware formulations to facilitate drying of the body, to control expansion characteristics and compatibility between the body and glaze to prevent crazing, and to provide whiteness and acid resistance.

10-Coatings Ground quartz and novaculite are used as extender pigments because of their low binder demand, which allows high loadings.
11-Rubber Finer (<0.025 micrometer) precipitated silica is the only fully reinforcing alternative to carbon black for general rubber compounding. Most of the precipitated silicas used in rubber are reinforcing grades rather than the coarser extending grades. Precipitated silica is used in compounds designed to be translucent or colored, and in general compounding to promote abrasion resistance, cut growth resistance, tear strength, elastomer-to-textile adhesion, and resistance to heat aging.
12- Plastics : are used as thixotropes in unsaturated polyester resins and gel coats and in epoxy resins. Fumed and precipitated silicas are used as thixotropes in PVC plastisols. used as ant blocking and antislip agents by temporarily absorbing plasticizers that can cause tack and by providing an imperceptible surface roughness. They are used as matting or flatting agents and as plate-out agents in highly plasticized compounds. Precipitated silica is used as a reinforcing filler in thermoset EVA and to provide controlled porosity in polyethylene
9- battery separators. Finely ground natural silica is used in thermo sets to provide dimensional stability, improved thermal conductivity, and good electrical insulation properties at low cost.
13- Synthetic silicates are used as thickeners in printing inks, as carriers for liquid and active ingredients, and as anticaking and moisture control agents. Fumed and precipitated silicas are used in high-temperature silicone greases. Silica gel is used as a thickening and polishing agent in dentifrices and as the abrasive agent in silicon wafer polishing compounds