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15KW Hydraulic Cutting and Hight-Speed Punching Rack Rolling Machine, 75-80/95-100

15KW Hydraulic Cutting and Hight-Speed Punching Rack Rolling Machine, 75-80/95-100
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Detail: 15KW Hydraulic Cutting and Hight-Speed Punching Rack Rolling Machine, 75-80/95-100

Rack Product Functions:

1. The shelves of the concept. As for literally, general store shelves of goods shelves. In the warehouse equipment, specially for the store shelves refers to as articles safekeeping equipment. Shelves in logistics and warehouse occupies very important position, along with the rapid development of modern industry, much of the growth of material flow rate, and to realize the modernization of warehouse management, improve the function of the warehouse, requires not only shelves number, but have muti_function requirement, and can realize mechanization, automation requirements.

2. The role and function of the shelf. Shelves in the modern logistics activity, plays a very important role, warehouse management modernization, and shelves of the type, function are directly related.

The role and function is shelf the following aspects:

(1) shelves is a kind of posture structures, can make full use of the storage space, and improve the utilization rate of capacity, expand warehouse storage capacity.

(2) in the goods shelves, and mutual extruding, material losses small, can complete guarantee the function of material itself, reduce the loss of the goods.

(3) the goods shelves, access convenient, easy to inventory and measurement, can do fifo.

(4) ensure that the quality of the goods storage, can take moistureproof, dustproof, security, against destructive measures in order to improve the material storage quality.

(5) a lot of new shelves of the structure and function of mechanization and warehouse conducive to the realization of automation management

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Specification | |
Model | 75-80/95-100 |
Number of stations | 24 Stations |
Thickness | 1.5-3.0 |
Main power | 15Kw |
Dimensions | 9.0m*1.4m*1.2m |
Forming speed | 12-16m/min |
After forming | 75-80mm/95-100mm |
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Complete Line Consist Of |
Passive/Hydraulic Uncoiler Hydraulic cutting Servo Motor Hight-Speed Punching Roll Forming Unit PLC Automatical Controll Cabinet Product Run Out Table/Auto-Stacker |
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