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Frozen Mushrooms

Frozen Mushrooms
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Maitake mushrooms, widely appear in Japan for centuries because of their health benefits, have more recently been scientifically proven to contain beneficial substances. As they hold up well, they are recommended for dishes that require long cooking times. If they are served as the main course, grilling is recommended.

In a non-randomized clinical study published in February 1996 Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, a maitake extract was found to be effective against leukemia and stomach and bone cancers. The study had 165 subjects. In their study "Mushroom biology and mushroom products," researchers Hiroaki Nanba and Keiko Kubo found that a substance in maitake mushrooms, x-fraction, has abilities to regulate glucose levels, which can help people with type 2 diabetes.

While best known for their effectiveness against cancer, maitake mushrooms also have shown potential for numerous other conditions. These mushrooms contain grifolan, a substance that stimulates the activity of macrophages--known as the "heavy artillery" of the immune system. In addition, by stimulating proper digestion and minimizing food stagnation, maitake mushrooms help regulate the stomach and intestines. Physicians also have found maitake mushrooms to be effective in reducing blood pressure and blood lipids, important factors in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The body absorbs maitake better than other mushrooms. Some maitake supplements are blended with a small amount of vitamin C to further promote absorption

Cooking Tips
If someone wants to try cooking with maitake mushrooms but is not sure how, he should simply use them in place of white button mushrooms in a recipe. They can be enjoyed fried, sauteed, or even dried. Maitakes are considered excellent substitutes because they offer a lot of possibilities. Exploring the possibilities can help an individual develop an appreciation for the mushrooms' versatility, so creativity is actived when using them. are best when they are defrosted in the pan. This means that when maitake mushrooms are purchased for future use, they need to be thoroughly cleaned before they are frozen. It is also best to cut them to the desired size ahead of time after cleaning.

Maitakes have a woody flavor that many people are highly fond of. Dried maitakes are best used in creamy dishes, sauces, and soups. Before using them, they should be soaked. To capitalize on the woody flavor, the water used to soak the mushrooms can be added to the dish.