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AnHui Phoenix Plate Technology Co,Ltd which is invested jointly by Hong Kong Yi Fan international investment (Holdings) Limited and the Anhui Red Cherry Group is a integrated company of scientific researching, production ...

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offset negative PS plate

offset negative PS plate
USD 2.50 - 3.40
Delivery Lead Time:
within 15 days after received your prepayment
international stand packing within pellets to reinforce
Payment Terms:
  • Western Union
  • T/T
  • L/C
Minimum Order:
3000 Square Meter
Supply Availability:
200000 Square Meter per Month

Product Description

1. Printing down(Exposure):

Negative ps plate’ exposure is finished by negative film jointing nearly with sensitive plate, spectrum range is between blue ray and ultraviolet ray (320-450nm), while exposing, the iodine gallium lamp is the most proper lamp-house and around 150mJ/c

(2) Remark:

In order to reach the most pressrun, the exposure quantum must be enough;

In order to prevent halftone (net dot) being scale-up, the exposure quantum can’t be added or decreased optionally. Avoid the tone value, transferred from film with halftone to printing plate, increasing excessively and decreasing excessively so that the thin part of the dark area disappearing; the tone value must be controlled in the permitted range.

(4) Before using our plate to print, please operate it under the yellow safe light to prevent exposing before printing for fear it influences quality.

2. Develop

Kodak -956 developer and our company’s negative developer are strongly recommended.

Develop temperature: 25±2°C

Developer’s dilution ratio: 1:2 for Kodak -956 developer (developer: water);

Developer’s dilution ratio: 1: 1.5 for our company’s negative developer (developer: water).

Develop time: 30-60 seconds.

Manual develop: must scrub, wash off remnant developer on the surface of plate.

Automatic develop: develop machine must be equipped with brush to reinforce developing efficiency.


(1) Because the developer from different area is of diversity, some of negative plate will appear shallow yellow on the surface after developing, with the plate substrate being using, the shallow yellow will disappear automatically, it won’t influence printing effect (Kodak -956 developer has no such problem).

(2) In order to solve the problem, you can expose the developed plate once again, that will not only eliminate the shallow yellow but also enhance pressrun.

3. Correction:

In order to wipe off the excrescent image and stain, you can lay right quantity negative remover on the surface of image or stain. 15 seconds later, wash the surface.

4. Inking up (Dip ink):

The function of dipping ink to negative plate is to enhance the image area’s capability of absorbing ink and enduring fretting. The negative plate must be laid a layer of sensitive colophony additionally on the image area.

5. Lay on gum.

The gum must be diluted under the manufacturer’s requirements, and the layer should be well-distributed. Too thin or too thick all will influence the effect, and if you lay on gum automatically, please control the drying temperature.

6. Storage

(1) Before using: The negative plates should be stored in the cool (10—30°C), dark and dry place. Relative humidity ?60%.

(2) Storage life: 8-10 months.