Adjustable Dog Bed Platform

Adjustable Dog Bed Platform
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We are searching for a manufacturer to make an original design, custom product. This product’s purpose is to allow for a person’s dog to sleep next to them without directly sleeping on the bed. This product is fully adjustable with adjustable legs, and an adjustable top platform. The legs are foldable to allow for the product to be easily stored away when not in use. This product is made from aluminum extrusions, and vacuum molding. There are several sizes of aluminum extrusions that are needed, but none that are more than 1 inch in width. There is a plastic top that is made from vacuum forming. This top should be made out of a commodity thermoplastic that is cost effective, but has good impact resistance. We are looking into using either polypropylene, PET, polyethylene, ABS, or polycarbonate. It just needs to have a decent impact resistance to withstand the weight of a dog jumping on it. The adjustable pieces use a ball spring plunger to adjust the height of the legs, and the length of the platform. The legs will also need hole punching in order to allow for the adjustability. Also, some of the aluminum will probably need to be bent in order to fit the design. There will need to be a rubber cap that gets put on the end of the aluminum legs, so the legs to ruin people’s floors. Lastly, there will be two free floating hooks made for the product that will go on the legs, and these can be made from the same material as the platform. We are initially looking for a prototype to be made, but will later be looking at doing production runs about 3 months after the prototype is made. Our first run will be about 300-500 units, and we plan on selling at least 1,000 units our first year. If the prototype is made well, we would like to use the same manufacturer of our prototype to do the production runs. We have CAD files, in STEP format, made up of the designs, so interested manufacturers can view the files upon request, and determine if they can quote our design.

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