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3-Chlorocinnamic acid
product Name 3-Chlorocinnamic acid Synonyms (2E)-3-(3-chlorophenyl)prop-2-enoic acid Molecular Formula C9H7ClO2 Molecular Weight 182.61 CAS Registry N ...
fuji xerox dpc 4350, 3055, 02199837422
Refill toner Xerox dpc4350, 3055 rp. 700.000 Itc cempaka mas LT.6 no.98 tlp : 085813346086
Nitromethane 99.5%Min
Min Order:18 Metric Ton
nitromethane 1. nitromethane Properties: colorless oily liquid, with irritationg odor. 2. nitromethane MF:CH3NO2 3. nitromethane Puirty:99.5% 4. nitro ...
Oxalic Acid
1. In Metallurgy industry: as precipitating and separating function for Rare-earth metal. 2. In pharmaceutical industry: used in Tetracycline, Oxytetr ...
sell anethole
Min Order:200 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $1.00-100.00
Isolated from Anise Star Oil. Used in alcoholic beverage industry and in the mouth care industry. Used in vanilla, anise, cherry, mint and other food ...
Beforehand refrigerators board CFCs(consists of 6-chloro-1-indanone, C9H7ClO, CAS bulk: 14548-38-0), which broke the bang bandage. If you bandagey awa ...
alpha-methyl cinnamaldehyde
Min Order:1 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $5.00-10.00
alpha-methyl cinnamaldehyde CAS#: 101-39-3 M.F.: C10H10O M.W.: 146.19 Assay: 97% min Specific gravity: 1.047 g/cm3 Boiling point: 148-149 (centigrade) ...
Benzoic aldehyde
Min Order:1 Kilogram
Product name: Benzoic aldehyde Alias: Benzaldehyde; Phenylaldehyde CAS No.: 100-52-7 Molecular formula: C7H6O Molecular weight: 106.12 Structural form ...
Yellow Filtered Beeswax
Min Order:10 Ton
Impurity: <2% Hydrocarbon: 16-18 Melting poniting: 62-67degree Density(20degree): 0.954-0.964 Acid value(KOH mg/g): 5.0-8.0 16.0-23 Iodine: 8.0-13.0 S ...
Min Order:20 Ton
FOB Price:US $1.00-2.00
Dear Sirs We are exporting following products now : 1-- MEK 2-- MTBE 3-- FURFURAL 4-- FURFURYL ALCOHOL 5-- RFCC CATALYST 6-- Tetra ethyl lead 7-- Lube ...
Prasterone enanthate
Prasterone enanthate CAS NO: 23983-43-9 Prasterone enanthate CAS NO: 23983-43-9 EINECS NO: 245-970-8 Molecular formula: C26H40O3 Molecular weight: 400 ...
4, 6- dihydroxypyrimidine CAS No. 1193-24-4 ( 4, 6-Pyrimidinediol ) of Chemical Intermediat
Detail: 4, 6- dihydroxypyrimidine CAS No. 1193-24-4 ( 4, 6-Pyrimidinediol ) of Chemical Intermediat - - - - CAS No. 1193-24-4 Molecular Formula: C4H4N ...
Diacetone Alcohol
Min Order:1 Metric Ton
Specification Parameters Unit Purity : 99% Min % Moisture Content : <0.10% % Color : <25 APHA/Pt-Co Boiling Range : 145-170 C Specific Gravity : 0.935 ...
Sorbitol (powder, 70% liquid solution) , Food Grade
Min Order:20 Ton
Sorbitol, with high quality glucose as it raw materials, hydrogenated, refined, concentrated formed to a new type of sweetener. When the Sorbitol ente ...
Ferro Phosphorus
It is mainly used for special-type-iron as alloying agent and deoxidizer in metallurgy industry .It is also used to manufacture the phosphate producti ...
Anionic Optical Brightener for Polyamide, Cellulose Fiber and Polyamide / Cellulose Blends CPN
Detail: Anionic Optical Brightener for Polyamide, Cellulose Fiber and Polyamide / Cellulose Blends CPN - - - - Main Chemical Composition: Stilbene der ...
Glutaraldehyde Medical and Industrial Grade 111-30-8
Detail: CASNO461-58-5 Molecularweight84.08 ECNO207-312-8 MolecularformulaC2H4N4 Specification99.5% IntroductionNonflammable;meltingpoint:207-209.Solub ...
Purity: 99.999% Oxygen: 1ppmv Air: 3ppmv Water: 3ppmv Other Organics: 10ppmv Acidity as HF: 0.1ppmv Application In the production semiconductor materi ...
Methyl Ethyl Ketone or MEK/Butanone
Min Order:13 Metric Ton
Butanone, also known as methyl ethyl ketone or MEK, is an organic compound with the formula CH3C(O)CH2CH3. This colorless liquid ketone has a sharp, s ...

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