Ana Detergent Liquid

Ana Detergent Liquid
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What is the role of detergent for your family?
The introduction of detergent is considered one of the important inventions of man, a great help in the process of cleaning, washing, cleaning and sanitation of equipment, utensils and items in the as well as domestic production.
Modern women are always looking for products that support their washing best to fulfill the role family caregivers.
Along with the development of society and the chemical industry, the detergent manufacturers have launched so many diverse products as: detergent, washing water, cleaning balls ... to cater effectively for the needs of the market.
Many people still think “Detergent Powder better than Detergent Liquid” but in fact, detergent liquid better than detergent powder, typically dense new ANA Detergent Liquid, help clean stubborn stains kind of better than 2 times compared to detergents powder often.

Ingredient: LASNa, LES, STPP, Dowfax 2A1, Np9, TEA, Procel GA.L, Enzim-Proterase,…

+ Suitable for both hand washing and washing machine
+ Fast Dissolve in water and penetrates into the fabric cleaning
+ Wash clothes in the alkaline waters, red area ...
+ Do not create a lot of foam, safe for washing machines
+ Mild to the skin, deodorants for clothing, fragrances, gentle
+ Use biodegradable enzymes, environmentally friendly
+ Save time, costs for each use

Manufacturer: Vietbaotin Vietnam
Storage: To dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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