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Angle Bead
10 Square Meter
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Stainless Steel Angle Bead

Stainless steel angle bead offers great corrosion resistance and longer service life compared with galvanized angle beads for plaster. Stainless steel angle bead help forms a true straight arris that will not easily crack, providing a function to replace timber battens on plastering operations. The expanded metal wings ensure that the bead is securely anchored in the correct depth of plaster on either side of the arris. In specific uses, the angle bead protects and reinforces plaster for wall beams & corners where are the most vulnerable to chip crack.

Applications: Stainless steel angle bead is used for making a true, strong and straight external corner.

Corrosion resistance
Suitable for weather

*Expanded Metal Angle Bead

Angle bead made of expanded metal creates a rust proof, dent resistant finished corner. Expanded metal angle beads are available in multiple lengths to help reduce waste and minimize splicing. The intricate pattern of holes allows mud to penetrate through the bead to the drywall. The bead becomes part of the wall.

Easy to use.
Simply fasten to the drywall and you're ready to mud.
It gives corners a smooth rounded edge.
Fix beautifully to archways.
Adjust easily to a variety of angles.

* Perforated Metal Angle Bead

Perforated metal angle bead offers firm structure and straight angles for the drywall plaster. Angle bead made of perforated metal is supplied in multiple lengths to help reduce waste and minimize splicing.

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