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Renovation of bowling equipment Description: Brunswick (Brunswick) reset the machine running sub-3,000, no fault, stable than other reset the machine four times times the performance, there is no doubt. GS-98 reset the machine, rarely pauses, and the design is simple, using a small number of parts to reduce maintenance costs, are low risk and high return on investment. Only you can choose to reset the machine free bottle features, are effective tools for trainers fill. More than 100 daily usage. Preloaded/twice times the load of GS-98 ideas, due to accelerating the pace of replacement bottle, more reliable, more quiet, smoother game flow. Brunswick GS-series is the most durable, most reliable and most popular Chi machine. Many innovative designs, called unprecedented. Scoring systems most flexible scoreboards and the most exciting and prosperous scoreboards, to sophisticated electronic components to create a new kind of scoring system, can meet the needs of any game. Bubbly wall picture, combined with compelling music, bring joy, will boost the fun customers. Golf course management system designed for medium and large arena, is the most precise, the most powerful of the golf course management system, to automatic computerized operation, is the best partner of prosperity-a points series. Help desk instructions are specially designed for medium bowling set, powerful, more successful-efficient. Service management is responsible for the small stadium ball token management and integration of computing systems, in line with economic principles of the small Greens.

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