Chinese Gaokao brings nothing but stupid student

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Mr He, a law professor at Tsinghua University and one of the petitioners, sees a further flaw in the gaokao system. It promotes the survival of the fittest, he says, but not of the best. The students are trained exclusively for the studying and answering of test papers. But the majority lack the skills to join in classroom discussion. Independence of thought is subordinated to the demands of rote learning. The students who emerge from this system often find it difficult to make basic social engagement, let alone intellectual collaboration.
This was true for Mr Peng. Because he was star pupil, he was kept away from boys in class who could distract him. He has no friends, he says, and turns to internet cafes to ward off loneliness. But, gaokao score permitting, Mr Peng is now looking forward to his move to the big city. He hopes to find time for a girlfriend, and for other distractions besides. He fell in love with a girl at his high school. “But I knew a relationship would ruin my dream of getting out. So I never told her.”
“He’s getting a better reception from show business people than finance people, and those are the moneyed classes on the two coasts.”
California, the headquarters for the music, movie and television industries, is outpacing New York as a funding source for both candidates. Through the end of April, California donors have raised $19 million for Obama and $10.6 for Romney compared to New York’s $12.2 million for Obama and $9.7 million for Romney, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Obama is devoting most of his day to

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