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Chonqing Mark Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. We are a company sets design, production?research and sales as one. With the help of Arts&Crafts Association of Chongqing, the inheritor of Non-material cultural herita ...

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OEM Chinese Rongchang Hand Fan Bamboo Folk Art Craft Gift for Christmas

OEM Chinese Rongchang Hand Fan Bamboo Folk Art Craft Gift for Christmas
USD 14.00 - 18.00
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10-35 Days after Deposit
1. Waterproof and shockproof carton or box in different quality grades; 2. You can design your own packing and you logo; 3. Carefully packaged to ensure the best protection of each product; 4. Exquisite package to upgrade the level of your products.
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1 Piece(s)
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300 Piece(s) per Month

Product Description

Rongchang folding fan, aslo called "Bashu Folding Fan", is one of the famous folding fan in China.
Rongchang Folding Fan enjoys a long history. During the Song Dynasty, famous artists were often commissioned to paint fans. In the later centuries, Chinese poems and four-word idioms were used to decorate the fans by using Chinese calligraphy pens. In ancient China, fans came in various shapes and forms (such as in a leaf, oval or a half-moon shape), and were made in different materials such as silk, bamboo, feathers, etc.
In Ming Dynasty, Folding Fan was popualr among ordinary people . And in the late Ming Dynasty, it was send to palace as tribute.
The design of folding fan is small, light, smooth and neat. After years improvement, it has formed its own unique characteristics: various pattern, such as flowers and plants; different grade and categories.
The craftsmanship of Rongchang Folding Fan involves a combination of fine arts, aesthetics and practical uses, such as gifts, souvenirs and for own use.

1) Chinese famous Folding Fan-Rongchang Folding Fan.
2) National intangible cultural heritage.
3) Geographical indications protection products.
4) 100% handmade folding fan.
5) 100% high quality silk with environmental protection.
6) The best choice for gift, souvenir and art collection.

Correlated Parameter:
Material:Silk and Moso Bamboo
Frame Size:11.8"/11.5"
Technique:Pure Handmade
Design:Folk Style
Usage:Gift, Art Collection, Souvenir
OEM :Accepted
Packing:Waterproof Box or Customize