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The ball mill with two wedge-shaped gap should be left around, the diagonal depth of 25 to 50 mm, the edge gap of 0.2 to 1.5 mm, the contact surface of the contact points in each 50X50 mm 2 area within the main bearings should not be less than 1.5 Block plate with low exposure to four weeks should be uniform, the local gap is not greater than 0.1 mm basis if they meet the design requirements, you can clean up the basis of the surface, with air spade or hand tools to remove loose top surface of the basis of floating objects, and mark the mounting base at the centerline and elevation and to the feed side is higher than the discharge end of the main bearing and the bearing assembly, in line with the ball surface should be evenly coated with a graphite lubricant base tragic weight should be higher than the weight of a large 1.5-mill 2-fold by tag assembly, all pins must be loaded immediately after passing evenly tighten the mounting bolt main bearing and hollow shaft should make contact with the arc of 70 ~ 90.

Ball mill installation, you must check the foundation and the building adjacent to the unit is correctly configured, etc., based on the size of the elevation and the main part of the compliance unit installation dimensions specified in the figure, but should carefully check the quality of ball mill foundation construction The installation can be installed to ensure a good ball properly fitted halo, also known as long life and high operation rate and the base of the inspection equipment, ready, you can proceed to install the foundation bolts, main bearing chassis and housing, etc., the main bearing sites level of tolerance 0.10/1000; two sites, the relative elevation of the liquid is generally connected device is appropriate to measure the height difference should not be a large 0.5 mm cylinder and end cap assembly should be combined with the surface of the burr flash and painting cleaned, and coated with lead oil, should be in close contact with the surface, d

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