Clothing disinfection cabinet

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Short introduction:
This machine uses the method of the efficient medical UV and ozone disinfection are combined, taken the traditional ultraviolet radiation disinfection of clothing, combined with ozone disinfection, so that the overlap of clothing can be able to achieve the effect of disinfection, it can make up for the defect that where the UV was covered or not exposed to the bacteria can not be killed, improve the efficiency of disinfection, sterilization. The machine can effectively kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms on the clothing, including the multiplication of bacteria,spores, mycobacteria,viruses,fungi,rickettsia,mycoplasma and so on.
??Specification JZL-X2
Electrical Source 220ACV/50Hz
Time 1-30Min
Power 200W
Size 620x850x1700mm
The each time effective 20kg

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