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Dongguan Diercon Technology Co., Ltd.

The Diercon company is the world-leading manufacturer for portable water treatment (outdoor and household), with a market share exceeding 70 percent in China. As the expert of portable water filtration system, we are spe ...

Dongguan Diercon Technology Co., Ltd.
NO.16 Zhenlong Road Wusha District Changan Town
Dongguan, GU


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Diercon Water Purfied Bottle Solid Portable Water Filter Bottle Hikking Water Bottle With Filte

Diercon Water Purfied Bottle Solid Portable Water Filter Bottle Hikking Water Bottle With Filte
USD 60.00 - 70.00
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Delivery Lead Time:
30 pieces every box, and the box size 525*445*290mm ,GW 10.1KG
Minimum Order:
1 Piece(s)
Supply Availability:
3000 Piece(s) per Month

Product Description

PB01 Profile
Turns rain, lake, and river water into drinkable water immediately!
Ideal for: Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Survival, Military, Foreign Travel, Emergency, etc.
99.9999% removes bacteria with 0.1?m ceramic membranes cartridge
Product profile
The design of portable bottle of water filter PB series base on ergonomics theory. It is incorporated the "portable" design concept cleverly, and we strive to make it reach balance in function and convenience perfectly.
Model PB01
Color sapphire
Output 250 ml/min
Dimension 78*265mm
Filter capacity 5000L (activated carbon element about 80L)
Feature Portable, Eco-friendly
Material PP,Silica, ceramic, active carbon
Net weight 220 g
Place of origin Guangdong China
Water source different fresh water such as lakes, rivers, mountain springs, and streams
Guarantee 1 year

Filtration technology
1.Multi-layer hierarchical filtering technology
Adopting Multi-layer hierarchical filtering technology, guarantee the raw water is purified fully and the water filtrated more fresh and healthy.
2. Ion exchange
Take the ion exchange technology, highly efficiently reduces soluble heavy metal ions in water such as Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+,As3+,etc., it can prevent chronic heavy metal poisoning efficiently. Efficiently softens the water, inhibits and eliminates the growth and reproduction of microorganism.
3. Filter elements
Natural diatomite ceramic filter element
Diercon ceramic filters have a micro porous structure with impregnated silver which delays the growth of bacteria. The pore size of Katadyn ceramic filters is 0.1 micron. Bacteria range in size from 0.2 to 5 micron and like protozoa (1 – 15 micron), are efficiently filtered out. Ceramic filters can be mechanically regenerated and the filter capacity is measurable. And it can meet industry standard for reduction of bacteria (99.9999%, such as Legionella and Colibacillus) and protozoan cysts (99.9%, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium)