Difference Between Impact Breaker and Combination Crusher

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Comparison of the impact crusher and compound crusher:1 working principles:(1) From the impact crusher working principle can be seen, the crushing of the materials is done almost by the principle of "stone at stone”, counter plate wear is very small, so the overall look, wear parts has longer life and higher work efficiency.(2) from the composite crusher working principle can be seen, the crushing of the material almost rely on plate hammer and counterattack board combating and counterattacking, serious wearing and tearing on the plate hammer and counterattack board, as a whole, wearable parts have large wear, low efficiency and short life.2, crushing principle:(1) Impact crusher use of state-of-the-art selectivity and cleavage crushing principle, directly applies sufficient kinetic energy to the material. Basic materials fracture along its natural texture surface and the cleavage plane, with good grain shape and low self-consumption.(2) the materials cannot in composite crusher process reach high speed collision, mainly by plate hammer and counterattack board blade to apply to the material force, material is forced blow into pieces, the material can not along its natural texture face and cleavage surface fracture with irregular grain shape, greatly improving the self-consumption.3, the crushing efficiency:(1) High-speed rotating material in the impact crusher after a “stone hit stone" and "stone blacksmith” two workflow crushing, crushing efficiency greatly improved, sand production rate can be increased more than 45%.(2) materials in the composite crusher board hammer rotates at high speed to obtain the kinetic energy; consider of the stationarity of body work, the rotating plate hammer often not enough kinetic energy to materials, so the kinetic energy hit the counterattacks board stone is also further weaken, the rotation in t

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