DSHD-0334 Fine aggregate Sand Equivalent Tester

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1: DSHD-0334 Fine aggregate Sand Equivalent Tester is designed and developed as per T0334 “Fine Aggregate Sand Equivalent Test” in the Industry Standard JTJ 058 Specification and Test Methods of Aggregate for Highway Engineering. The instrument vibrates sample using an automatic vibrator to let sample cylinder move transversely along a straight line.
2: DSHD-0334 Fine aggregate Sand Equivalent Tester is suitable to determine clay or impurities in the fine aggregates, so that to evaluate purity of aggregates. The sand equivalent is indicated by SE. The instrument is suitable for determining natural sand, artificial sand, and saltpeter used in bituminous mixture and cement concrete. Their maximum aggregate size should be more than 4.75 mm (round-hole sieve of 5 mm).

3:DSHD-0334 Fine aggregate Sand Equivalent Tester is in double tube working mode, so it can vibrate two samples automatically at the same time. The instrument is convenient, effective and efficient. The instrument has been widely used in highway construction companies, scientific research institutes, and colleges and universities.

Technical parameters:
1. Vibration period: 180 times/min ±2 times/min;
2. Sample cylinder amplitude: 203±1.0 mm;
3. Power supply: 220V±10%, 50 Hz;
4. Rated power: 130 W;
5. Balance weight piston: 1 kg± 5 g;
6. Plastic sample cylinder:
(1) Inner diameter: 32mm±0.25mm;
(2) Height: 420 mm;
7. Flushing tube:
(1) Outer diameter: 6mm±0.5 mm;
(2) Inner diameter: 4mm±0.2 mm;
8. Ambient temperature: ?35?;
9. Relative humidity: ?85%;
10. Net weight: 20±1 kg;
11. Size: 564×320×360 mm;

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