Efficiency Improvement Methods of Hammer Crusher

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Hammer crusher, also known as hammering machine or heavy hammer crusher, is a machine that rotates with high speed and crushes materials with impacting force.When designing this machine, it is necessary to maintain the static balance and dynamic balance of the rotors to endure the normal work of the hammer crusher. Here Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce the methods to improve the crushing efficiency:

1. Adjust the clearance between the hammer and grate in time

With the use of crusher, because of the hammer head and grate the gradual wear and tear, grate clearance and the clearance between grate becomes bigger and bigger,The material in the crusher crushes the impact force and pressure drop,Through the grate discharge material granularity coarsens, After vibrating screen returns the hammer crusher material quantity increase, crushing efficiency drops, and at the same time the service life of hammer head reduces.So you need to adjust the lower part of crusher adjustment screw rod to drive the eccentric wheel rotation, to tighten the grate,So that the gap between hammer and grate meet the requirements, to improve the efficiency of crushing.

2. the proper use of damper

The hammer crusher has two damper on each side,Many beginners don't know the two damper’s effect ,So air door basically often closed,Once a feed rate is too large,it often leads to cause the rotor to death,Only through open chassis cleaning or through the grate gap opening methods to solve,But the two methods are time-consuming and inefficient.After a long period of practice, the staff found that switch the operation of the damper can significantly reduce rotor stuck phenomenon.

3. change Into the hole to improve the gate of sheet

We can change Into the hole to improve the gate of sheet,So we can ensure the crusher is not easy at the time of operation will part particles smaller material loss.If it is found that output efficiency is reduced,at the time of ins

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