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Allyl caproate
Allyl caproate CAS:123-68-2 Linear Formula:C9H16O2 Appearance:colorless transparent liquid Assay:99.0% Package: 180kg 1. Allyl alcohol, Allyl chloride ...
Tris(ethyl) phosphate; Triethoxyphosphine oxide, ETHYL ACID PHOSPHATE
Min Order:5 Ton
FOB Price:US $2700.00-2800.00
Items Index Appearance Achromatic transparent liquid Assay % 99.5min Acid Value(mgKOH/g) 0.05max Acidity(as H3PO4%) 0.01max Refractive Index(nD20) 1.4 ...
PMA alternative solvent EGDA-high boiling point solvent
Min Order:1 Ton
EGDA(Ethylene Glycol Diacetate) DESCRIPTION EGDA is a new generation high boiling point solven ...
Butyl acrylate
Min Order:14 Metric Ton
Product: Butyl acrylate Chemical Formula: C7H12O2 CAS No.:141-32-2 Standard: GB Appearance: Colourless liquid Specification of Butyl acrylate: Item Sp ...
Diphenyl oxide
Min Order:1 Metric Ton
Diphenyl oxide Molecular Formula?C12H10O or (C6H5OC6H5) Formula Weight?170.12 Synonyms:Diphenyl ether; Phenyl ether CAS No.?101-84-8 EINECS No.:202-98 ...
ethyl  acetate
Ethyl acetate mainly used in Paint, bondant, ethyl cellulose, leatherette, oiling pad colorant, rayon, solvent; Print
2-HEMA;HEMA;Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate
Min Order:1 Metric Ton
FOB Price:US $1000.00
Molecular Weight: 130 Molecular formula:CH2=C(CH3)COOCH2CH2OH Specification: Appearance:Transparent Liquid Chromaticity(APHA):Less than 45 Purity(GC M ...
Methyl Paraben 99-76-3
Trade name: Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate CAS: 99-76-3 Molecular formula: C8H8O3 Molecular weight: 152.2 Product Feature Characters: White crystalline powd ...
Ethyl Acetate 99.5%MIN
Min Order:14 Metric Ton
FOB Price:US $900.00-1500.00
Ethyl Acetate 1. CAS NO.: 141-78-6 2. Molecular formula: C4C8O2 3. Packing: 180KGS/IRON DRUM, 14.4MTS/20FT CONTAINER 4. Specification: Item Internal c ...
caustic soda
Min Order:25 Ton
FOB Price:US $300.00-600.00
Flakes, solid, pearl Mainly used in the fields of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, textile etc. professional supplier; Specification: Flakes& ...
1, 3 Propane sultone (1, 3 PS)
1, 3 Propane sultone (1, 3 PS) CAS No: 1120-71-4 Molecular formula: C3H6SO3 Assay: 99%min. Appearance: Clear colorless to yellowish liquid or solid; M ...
TDI 80/20
Min Order:20 Metric Ton
FOB Price:US $1850.00-2200.00
Toluene Diisocyanate 80/20 CAS No.: 584-84-9 EINECS No.: 247-722-4 Purity (%):99.5 min
dibasic esters(DBE)
We preoduce melamine, triethylamine, diethylamine, monoethylamine, monoisopropylamine(MIPA),propylene carbonate, ethylene carbonate, dibasic esters(DB ...
Pentaerythritol is the main raw material of alkyd resin, oil painting and printing. it also can be used as follow : manufacturing plastifiers that of ...
Dimethyl itaconate
Min Order:1 Kilogram
Product name:Dimethyl Itaconate, Synonyms name: Itaconic acid di-n-butyl ester, Dimethyl methylenesuccinate CAS No.: 2155-60-4 Appearance: Colorless l ...
Sec-butyl acetate
Sec-butyl acetate CAS:105-46-4 Alias: butyl acetate; 2-butyl acetate The molecular formula :C6H12O2;CH3COOCH(CH3)CH2CH3 Appearance and Property: color ...
Gamma-butyrolactone(GBL) CAS No: 96-48-0 Molecular Formula: C4H6O2 Appearance: Colorless, clear liquid Content: 99.5% min. Moisture: 0.20% max. Color ...
Ethylene Carbonate
Fengling Group Fengming Chemical Industry developed high-pure-PC, high-pure-EC, annual output achieved 2, 000 tons, purity reached 99.99%,moisture is ...
Ethionine ester
FOB Price:US $10.00-35.00
Although occasionally begin in its basal accompaniment, the capital advance ore is galena, or advance sulphide (PbS); added advance ores cover cerussi ...

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