Flash points of Hongxing ball mills

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Based on the results obtained on the mining Industries samples, the following conclusions of ball mill advatages can be drawn:

(1) Unlike earlier mill corrosion studies th at used devices that merely simulated mill motion, the results from the specially designed ball mill more closely resemble those to be expected from the industrial ball mills.

(2) Polarization diagrams indicated th at the current density was higher in nitrogenated solution than in oxygenated solution at the same pH value. This is mainly because the fresh surface of electrode was eas ily oxidized in oxygenated solution than in nitrogenated solution, which passivates metal surface.

(3) The current density of 1018 carbon stee l was considerably higher than that of high-chromium alloy under the same condition. For example, the maximum current density was about 42 mA/cm 2 at pH 4.6 for 1018 carbon st eel in oxygenated buffer solution, while it was 22.5 mA/cm 2 for high-chromium alloy. This is attributed to the fact that the addition of chromium to iron increased the ease of passivation by reducing critical anodic current density. Addition of both chromium and nickel to iron markedly increased the ease of passivation.

(4) The current density wa s higher in buffer solution than that in pond water solution under the same operating conditions. This behavior may be caused by the fact that the pH of a buffer solution resisted chan ges when small amounts of acid or base were added. But the pH of a pond water solutio n was increased by ongoing reactions. The corrosion rated was decreased with increasing the pH value of pond water solution.

(5) The influence of individual variables and their interactions on the wear rate of 1018 carbon steel was in the order of solution pHrotation speedsolid percentagecrop loadrotation speed 2rotation speed × solid percentage. The effects of these variables on the wear rate of high-chromium alloy was in the order of solution pHrotation speedsolid percentagecrop l

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