Fructose/Glucose Assay Kit

Fructose/Glucose Assay Kit
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REAGEN™ Fructose/Glucose Assay Kit is a cuvette-based enzymatic assay for the determination of Fructose/Glucose across a variety of food samples. The kit uses a spectrophotometric, kinetic assay to detect the enzymatic degradation of Fructose/Glucose directly from food samples.
The unique features of the kit are:

? High sensitivity and low detection limit (0.8 ppm)
? High reproducibility
? A rapid (30 minute), robust enzyme-based assay

Procedure Overview

REAGEN™ Fructose/Glucose Assay Kit uses a coupled enzymatic reaction to detect glucose and/or fructose in food samples: glucose is detected by phosphorylation with hexokinase to make glucose-6-phosphate (G-6-P). This compound is then used as a substrate by the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase to convert NADP+ to NADPH. This conversion, measured at 340 nm, is proportional to the level of glucose in the sample. Fructose is detected in similar manner after it is specifically converted to glucose-6-phosphate (G-6-P) using the enzyme phosphoglucose isomerase (PGI).

The absorbance of each sample at 340 nm is measured using a spectrophotometer. The concentration of glucose in each sample is then directly determined from the change in absorbance at 340 nm within 30 minutes.


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