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Gypsum briquetting machine is a technical issue in making briquettes production process for gypsum briquetting machine to debug moisture of raw materials: the raw material in briquetting production process is too dry, the briquettes is easy to be broken and separated; Material is too wet, when squeeze briquettes, it is easy to cause rollers stick full raw materials on briquette machine, not came out briquettes. How to debug water content of raw material on briquette machine?
In briquettes production line working, it is in mixing equipment that the moisture of raw materials generally is debugged and controlled. General moisture of briquettes on briquette machine: the moisture 18-20% for the adhesive made of limestone and clay forming; moisture 10-12% for adhesive made of paper pulp or humic acid forming; moisture 11-13% for composite binder; When using the molding asphalt as binder, the moisture will be 2-4%; When press the lignite, no need any binder, the moisture of lignite can be 12-18%; When press weathering anthracite, it is 15-18% water content for materials without binder; Dying powder materials be pressed briquettes with moisture less than 2% and no any binder. Debugging briquettes production in process, the technological process, machine and equipment adjustment test, it is training for operating and maintenance personnel, internships.
Doing well debugging work on briquettes production line, need to make full use of commissioning phase of production line, match command personnel, establish operation team, training team, familiar with the process, grasp equipment operation procedures and operation technology, so that formally put into production as soon as possible, come ture greater economic benefit.

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