How big is a common ball mill?

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The ball mill is simplified by level, feeding hollow shaft and the grinding head and other components, simplified is a long cylinder, cylinder is filled with the grinding body, cylinder body is a steel plate, a steel plate and simplified fixed, grinding body is usually steel ball, and different diameter and certain proportion into the barrel, the grinding the body can also be used steel, it can according to the grinding particle size is selected, the material from the ball mill feed end of hollow shaft into the cylinder, when the ball mill grinding body rotation time, due to the inertia and centrifugal force, frictional force, make it post near the barrel lining board by the cylinder body away, when taken to a certain height, due to its own gravity and dropped, the whereabouts of the grinding body like a projectile as the material in the barrel to break.Gravel ball mill is a grinding media ball mill grinding equipment. Gravel hongxingly taken from grinding grain before an appropriate level of fragmentation products, Also available from the preceding discharge ball mill grinding of gravel or pebbles used. Gravel ball mill and ball mill is basically the same structure. The long ball mill diameter gravel than the D/L=0.5~0.7. As ball mill productivity and ball mill grinding media density is proportional to, Therefore, the cylinder ball mill size gravel productivity than the same ball mill larger, Liner wear is higher. Ball mill liner directly affect the shape and structure of the processing ball mill gravel and effective running time. The ball mill liners hongxingly requires the ability to grip the grinding media, The formation of "self-lining" to reduce the ball mill liner wear, Efforts to enhance the ability of materials and minerals between the crushing effect. Therefore, the use of trapezoidal mesh lining and liner, or a combination of both. The use of rubber liner wear is a trend. The bal

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