How to deal with the bulge belly of ball mill?

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Mining machinery will have some problems in the production process, such as the 'bulging belly'. How to determine the ball mill 'bulging belly'? In the ball mill grinding process, there will be 'bulging belly' if the inputs is imbalanced with outputs. Ball mill 'bulging belly' is not happen in a sudden, but when it happens, there is a process to deterioration, and this process accompanied by a variety of abnormal phenomenon. So we should have to enhance responsibility, detect and adjust problems accordingly, eliminated the 'bulging belly' at the small stage. We can judge the 'bulging belly' of

ball mill from the following several phenomena.

1. Measured mass fraction and watch the discharged material. The discharge mass fraction basically remained unchanged by working ball mill, if the mass fraction began to increase and the grain becomes coarsening, the 'bulging belly' will be happened. Therefore, from the ball mill's mass fraction of discharge can also be found the 'bulging belly'.

2. Listen to the sound. The sound when the ball mill works mainly from the impact between drive mechanisms and its liner. The knocking strong or not from the drum depends on the amount of material in the ball mill. When the ball mill out of balance and is about to 'bulging belly', drying the impact sound between materials and liner become dull gradually almost disappeared. Therefore, we can found the 'bulging belly' from changes in the strength of sound when ball mill work.

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