How to make cone crusher more docile?

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(1) cone crusher ore must be allocated work in the middle of the plate, in order to prevent

the crusher overload, uneven wear of the liner; not allowed directly to the ore into the crusher cavity. The right to the mine conditions are: distribution of ore uniformly dispersed in the broken disk cavity into the ore to the mill can not be higher than the level of Mortar.

(2) The maximum breaker size of ? 85 percent to the mine to the mine mouth size, otherwise it will lead to lower production crusher, cone crusher damage certain components.

(3) Do not load start-breaker to avoid accidents.

(4) parking, you must first stop to the mining machine, and so the ore has been broken into the crushing chamber after discharge, the crusher parking.

(5) crusher work should always check the pressure and hydraulic locking system, work stations, problems are identified in time.

(6) the replacement of rolling acetabular wall Mortar rolled into a U-shaped screws on the adjustment ring, between the injection of zinc alloy, so closely integrated with the new installation or replacement of rolling acetabular wall, in the 6-8 hours of work, check the fastening, U-shaped and re-tighten the screws.

(7) wall replacement cone crusher

Cone crusher with a cone head wall is fixed to the cone on the body between the two casting of zinc alloy, a new installation or a new wall replacement cone crusher working 6-8 hours after the fastening should be checked and found to immediately tighten loose solid.

(8) gears As the circular plate friction wear of the gear change of the gap in order to ensure the proper meshing gears must be covered with additional pads on the bottom, the gasket should be equal to the thickness of circular plate wear.

(9) bearings and seals

Installation bowl bearings, taking care not to damage the rope Retaining Ring (with hardwood

and other objects between the support wire). Assembly, should be scraping spherical bearing,

crushing cone and th

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