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Jenova silicone had focused on RTV-2 mold making silicone rubber since 1994. There are two kinds of mold making silicone rubber in our company, which are condensation cured silicone and addition cured silicone according ...

Jenova Silicone.,Ltc
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Jenova platinum cured silicone rubber for Food mold

Jenova platinum cured silicone rubber for Food mold
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Jenova silicone rubber
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within 3 days after payment confirmed in our bank.
PartA is available in 1kg,5kg,20kg,25kg,and 200kg containers. PartB is available in 50g,1kg,5kg,20kg,25kg,and 200kg containers.
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200 Kilogram
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10 Ton per Day

Product Description

Descriptions about platinum silicone rubber for Food molding :
Jenova Platinum cured silicone rubber are liquid two compontent ,and cured at room temperature.
About Platinum cured silicone,have many good features:Heat safe to 230 C and freezable
high tear resistance
Long mould life for several years
also 100% safe,odourless and non toxic
non-deformability and excellent reproduction of fine detail etc.

About platinum food silicone mould making,it also so easy.
After you prepare your original mould,put it into a four-sided no-leak box with inside dimensions equal to it. brush a layer of release agent evenly on the original mould.
Then take liquid platinum silicone with ratio 1:1 by weight,and mix it evenly.
Pour it slowly to the frame (Note:Must pour the mixture slowly to avoid the bubbles into the silicone mould)
Then,the mixture will be cured in 3-5hours.
24 hours later,could put your silicone mould to reproduce your perfect food mould .

So easy,yes?
Whatever mould you want to make for food ,Jenova silicone rubber is your best choice.

There are JF12-series of Platinum cured silicone rubber with translucent special to make silicone mould for Food mold making.

The Datasheet of Jenova Platinum Food silicone for your reference:
With platinum silicone’s different characters choose from,could offer tremendous versatility and are suitable to mould making for many different materials ,No matter large size or small one.

Platinum cured silicone rubber also could use the material like Urethane Plastic, Urethane Rubber, Polyester, Fiberglass Resin, Plaster, Concrete, Cement, Wax or Low melt metals (up to 400 degrees Max) to make different mould ,like:
??Resin and polyresin casting with different size.
??big plaster or gypsum sculpture Casting ;
Decorative Moldings like Ceiling Domes, Pilaster, Balustrade , Faux stone, Faux rock, Concrete garden furniture and fountains,Cladding stone etc.
??Shoe soles molding
??Ceramic art and porcelain replicate
??Palaeontology and fossil reproduction
??Jewellery lost wax master moulds
??Candle mould reproduction
??Soap mould reproduction
??Tire molding
??Manual mould design
??And so on.

Include the useages as above ,also could use for Rapid prototyping, To make silicone dolls.Or lifecasting for film,TV,and theatre,like Bloody zombie mask, giant scary clown Halloween costume mask prop.

Storage&Shelf Life:When stored at or below 32C(89.6 F)in the original unopened containers,JT12-series and JX12-series Silicone Base and its Curing Angents have a usable life of 12 months.
Package:JT12-series and JX12-series Silicone
PartA is available in 1kg,5kg,20kg,25kg,and 200kg containers.
PartB is available in 50g,1kg,5kg,20kg,25kg,and 200kg containers.
Transportation: By sea or by air

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