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China guangzhou kindhope medical technology company

main manufacturer products are high vacuum wound drainage system,oxygen humidifier bottle,water ozonator,hospaital bed sterilizer .all have CE and ROHS

China guangzhou kindhope medical technology company
5h floor julong industry xicha road 827
guangzhou, GU

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Disposable high vacuum wound drainage system

Disposable high vacuum wound drainage system
USD 5.00 - 10.00
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guangzhou port
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within 10 days after got your payment
20pcs packing in a carton
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1000000 Piece(s) per Month

Product Description

Creaplex Disposable High vacuum Wound Drainage
1) More efficient system for draining wounds.
2) Can accelerate wound healing prevent haematoma and effusion.
3) Reduces the use of antibiotics, prevents cross-infection and therefore shortens time patient spends in hospital.
4) Bottle does not need changing as frequently, hence nursing workload is reduced.
5) The high vacuum works at any level and ensures suction force evenness so easier to move patients.
6) Wound edges are continuously pressed together so the healing process is not interrupted.
As the bottle works on a high vacuum the bottle can be fuller than with previous designs drainage and therefore requires less frequent changing which again reduces infection risk.
Together with the surrounding medium pressure and high vacuum drainage the difference between the cavity and the internal pressure produces 980 millibars.
The drainage device in the negative pressure remains higher and the wound is stable.

Product Description
Creaplex disposable high vacuum wound drainage
Can be used to drain all kinds of wounds after surgery including blood secretions, tissue fragments. Bacteria and toxins.
The material the product is made from aims to reduce postoperative necrotic tissue and therefore aid wound healing quickly.
The results are a better closure accompanied by a smaller wound.
Fibroblasts and capillary cells form more easily during the proliferation period.

High negative pressure wound drainage helps to achieve excellent healing effect such as is necessary with a resection of a malignant tumour.
Subcutaneous or deeper surgery especially on obese patients.
Breast tumours
In the auxiliary region of a tumour resection.
Thyroid tumour resection, retroperitoneal surgery, laproscopic colon and prostate surgery etc.
Trauma Surgery
Wound drainage using high negative pressure is one of its most important application areas.
In cases of larger wounds caused by surgery the haemostatic effect can be completely achieved with the application of this technology.
Orthopaedic Surgery
This includes the upper arm and forearm bone joint surgery.
Acetabulam bone joint surgery
Intramedullary nailing of the femoral neck.
Combination/synthetic nailing
Knee condyle joint bone
Shins, bone joint surgery
Combination of bone joint surgery
Cervical vertebra artificial ankylosis
Spinal surgery
Urology surgery
Anti regurgitation plasty
BOARY keratoplasty
Resection of the renal pelvis
Plastic surgery
Larger body plasty
Pedicle flap
The mandible bone resection
Abdominal wall reduction plasty
The centre of the neck or side part of cystectomy
Under the neck, face and neck surgery

Reduces duration of the swelling because of using high negative pressure.

Product Feature
1) Exclusive patent technology is equipped with a regulating valve which slides from negative to high pressure, patent number 201320215108.3. This can be accurately adjusted to control the flow rate of the drainage tube.
2) Exclusive patent technology has a clear vacuum indicator, patent number ZL201320210969.2?The negative pressure showing on the vacuum has numerical precise instructions.
3) With a unique streamline shape so patients can carry it easily, patent number 201 3301 57371.7
4) Effectively drains blood and secretions.
5) Local tissue oedema is prevented.
6) Reduces the wound infection rate and therefore promotes healing.
7) Reduces the need for antibiotics.
8) Easier to detect any problems with the wound.
9) Reduces staff workload by lessening frequency for which dressings need to be changed.
10) Patients will require less time in hospital and will therefore save money.

1) Do not use in cases of vasculitis.
2) Do not use in direct contact with the intestines.
3) Do not use in the serous cavity.

Nursing Precautions
1) Change only when required i.e this will probably not be daily.
2) Do not fix to a hospital bed and ensure patients carry drainage bottle.
3) Before opening the package in the operating room please check the model is suitable
And only use according to instructions.
1) Position the drainage tube 3cm away from the wound.
2) Clip the ends of the drainage tube to the required length.
Choose the appropriate drainage bottle according to the thickness of the tube and connect and cut it in front of the joint. Cut the puncture needle according to the thickness of the tube.
Join drainage tube and drainage pipe joint.
Open splint of drainage connecting pipe until vacuum is established.
Check that the vacuum indicator is set at the correct compression. Open the gas control valves and ensure adequate pressure is maintained.