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Jaw crusher-hydraulic type jaw crusher is used through the hydraulic adjusting device adjust piston kind of fuel oil pump trip, based on effective hydraulic system trace quantity of oil leakage automatic regulation size oil, work cylinder injection with bolts restrictions limit elongation, overcome the job of hydraulic system dynamic jaw of hydraulic pulse, facilitate row ore mouth regulation.

Jaw crusher is the common equipment in every mining production process. As the equipment, there are some parts easy worn down especially in overload work. As we know, machinery equipment usually cost much, so we have to know how to keep and maintain it to extend the using life.

Hydraulic system in accordance with the maximum allowed by crushing force crusher hydraulic regulator conditioning nut set, when oil pressure rises,vibrating screen, oil pressure adjusting device of plunger spring compression right shift, driving the piston type fuel injection pump piston counter-clockwise, shorten the piston effective vacation to slow up the quantity of oil, limit system injection pressure rise; Conversely, hydraulic system low, boost the volume of oil, steer clear of the hydraulic system of down, hydraulic system inside the initial set keep hydraulic pressure.

(1) an average work during normal working, crusher thrust board in focus on the role cylinder pressure below hydraulic cylinder thrust, action in limit position about the board, usually do not produce mobile, thrust broken material; normal crusher

(2) overload protection when jaw crusher cavity broken in the crushing object, the broken force increases, this time around jaw crusher thrust board within the cylinder role work pressure is more than the hydraulic cylinder offers the thrust, for ruthless oil cylinder cavity hydraulic transient rise, throttle valve valve movement helps make the movement, the machine (hydraulic cylinder) oil leakage, limit thrust board thrust (this is the biggest force) and largest broken pr

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