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The rising global demand for ore and the depletion of high-purity mineral deposits has made it necessary to recover finer-size fractions of ore in feed material.

Conventional flotation technology is not geared to recover ultrafine material; however, pneumatic flotation technology Pneuflot, designed by engineering and manufacturing company McNally Bharat Engineering (MBE) Minerals South Africa, is set to be the driving force for flotation technology in the future, says MBE MD Johannes Kottmann.

“There are a number of drivers for the choice of flotation equipment. The key drivers are normally cell efficiency and cost, both capital and operating. Agitator flotation cells have been used in coal processing owing to their ease of operation and robust nature. Pneuflot is surpassing this conventional technology for a number of reasons.”

The principle introduces flotation feed to the cell from the top using a ‘T-piece’. The feed flows through the self-aspirating aerator that generates a maximum bubble particle contact. The mixture of bubble and feed material leaves the contact area through the distributor, which is placed at the bottom of the cell. The distributed slurry sorts its concentrate and gangues in the separation vessel.

The unit does not need compressed air. Slurry is pressed through small wearproof ceramic nozzles arranged in circles that point towards a large venturi, which reduces fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe.

“When the pulp is pumped through the venturi, a vacuum is created, aerating the pulp,” explains Kottmann.

The circular arrangement of the nozzles distributes the pulp flow, creating the necessary turbulence for intensive bubble-mineral particle contact. Aerators come in different sizes to suit various flow rates and mineral throughputs, which enables high performance with only one aerator unit for each flotation cell.

To compare Pneuflot’s performance to that of conventional agita

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