mould making silicone rubber

mould making silicone rubber
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mould making silicone rubber Applications:
Mould making silicone rubber with the hardness of 38-42 shore A, is specially suitable for large crafts mould making and duplication of poly resin crafts in pouring way, PU crafts, gypsum or plaster, unsaturated resin, lighting and candles crafts, plastic toy, stationery gifts crafts, large statue buddha, furniture decoration, cement, articficial stone, etc.
Mould making silicone rubber Advantages: light viscosity, pourable effort, good fluidity, easy-operation, good tension and high tear strength.
Description of Mould making silicone rubber:Mould making silicone rubber mainly used for shoe molds, sand casting, sole sampling, plaster models, simple products, products with non-complex patterns, as well as product models with stable size and non-deformation.
Features of Mould making silicone rubber
(1)high tensile & tear strength 2) Low linear shrinkage 3)free Curing agent 4)brushing & pouring(5) high duplication times
Mould making silicone rubber data sheet:
Model Color Mixing ratio (%) Pot life (mins) Demould
( hrs) Hardness  ( A0 ) Tensile-strength (kgf/cm2) Tear-strength (kgf/cm) Viscosity
(cps) Shrinkage
rate (%) Elongation
638# white 100 : 3 30 5-10 38 ? 38 ? 28 34000-36000 ?0.3%  380%
630# white 100 : 3 30 5-10 30 ? 47 ? 35 28000 ?0.3% 430%
Why the Mould making silicone rubber mold appear with weak tear strength?
When making silicone rubber mold, some customer add a lot of silicone oil to reduce the viscosity of silicone rubber. In fact, this has the opposite effect. The tension and tear strength will be reduced badly with the addition of silicone oil, which leading to the weak and flimsy condition of silicone rubber molds.
Any questions of mould making silicone rubber , please feel free to contact ms yif :
TEL: 086-755-89212369
FAX: 086-755-89948030
Website: www(dot)szrl(dot)net
E-MAIL: guyihuide


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