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Pay attention to the water supply amount of ball mill , the water filling amount of the ball mill ore discharge mouth and the ore feed amount.The ball mill 'bulging' is affected by its quality produced by manufacturers and length of use time by customers,and the omens of ball mill 'bulging' are as follows: One is seeing the feed port's material output condition. The other is listening to the sound of ball mill.If the ball mill bulge, the sound becomes low and stuffy. Last is observing the current control cabinet.

It is particularly emphasized that when the used ball mill bulging, its current value becomes smaller. Though many operators and engineers hold the opposite view, they think ball mill bulging is caused by the over-large amount of ore thus the current value becomes larger, that is wrong. The principle is: ball mill bulging is caused by the over-large amount of ore in the ball mill. But when there is more ore, the power made by ball mill becomes less as the steel ball and the ore rotate with the ball mill barrel and the ore particle size of ore discharge mouth becomes thicker. So less electric energy which changes into motion power is needed, and the electric energy becomes smaller. With the fixed voltage, the current value become smaller.

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