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Dihydrate Quercetin Anhydrous
Name:QUERCETIN Specification: 95, 98% Detail: Other Name: Meletin, Sophretin Plant Source: Sophora japonica.L. Molecular Formula: C15H10O7 Appearance: ...
Non dairy creamer for ice cream 50% fat
Min Order:15 Ton
FOB Price:US $1450.00-1550.00
Ingredients Glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil(partial hydrogenated), casein, (emulsifier) glycerol monostearate, sodium stearyl lactate, (stab ...
red rice powder extract
Min Order:1 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $1.00-50.00
Red yeast rice extract is both a Chinese herbal medicines, food, in China through the ages has been widely used as food coloring agents, flavoring age ...
Soybean Saponins B
Product No.: #1303 Product name: Soybean Saponins B 1. Source: Glycine max(L.) Merr. 2. Part of the plant used: Soy embryo 3. Extract ratio: 100~200: ...
Red Clover Extract
Specifications: 40% HPLC Red Clover contains all four estrogenic isoflavones: biochanin; formonoetin; daidzein; Genistein. Red Clover produces estroge ...
full cream milk powder
Min Order:20 Metric Ton
FOB Price:US $2230.00-2500.00
We are one of the top milk powder manufacturer in malaysia and we can offer the full cream milk powder in 25kg packing. FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION ACCO ...
High Quality Gelatin 140-300 bloom g
Min Order:1 Metric Ton
FOB Price:US $1.00-6.80
A protein produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen in skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, etc. of animals. The article of commerce may further specify ...
Saw Palmetto Powder Extracts
Min Order:25 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $17.00-27.00
Saw Palmetto is a small, palm-like plant native to North America. Native Americans and early American settlers used the berries to treat problems asso ...
L-Cysteine HCl Monohydrate
Chemical Name: H-Cys-OH.HCl.H2O ? Molecular Formula: C3H7NO2S·HCL·H2O Molecular Weight: 175.63 Cas No: 7048-04-6 Characteristics: White crystalline ...
Active Soya Powder
soy powder is a thin protein powder that is made from soybeans. Used in many Asian cultures for centuries, the powder is often utilized today as a die ...
ISP Soy Protein Isolate (SINOPROTEIN2001)
Min Order:10 Ton
FOB Price:US $1500.00-1800.00
Isolated Soy Protein SINOPROTEIN2001 Emulsion 1: 5: 5 Application: High-temperature meat products, minced ham sausages, emulsified sausages Characteri ...
fish collagen
Raw material: fresh deepwater ling fish skin or scale Throughput: 300MT/ Month Grade: food grade Character: dry pure powder can be completely water so ...
other food additive
other food additive -- Maitodextrin -- Lecithin -- Sodium Benzoate -- Potassium Cartonate -- Citric Acid -- Sodium Lactate -- Sweeteners -- Others for ...
L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate
Min Order:100 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $15.00-35.00
Product name: L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate CAS#: 56265-06-6 Molecular Fomula: C6H14N4O2.C5H7NO3 Sp
Isolated Soy Protein (for Instant beverage)
Min Order:5 Metric Ton
FOB Price:US $2920.00-2940.00
beta-carotene  (sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn)
(sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn) Active ingredient: beta-carotene content: 10% 20% 30% detection method: HPLC Beta-Carotene is a yellow pigment natu ...
Liquid Glucose
Min Order:15 Metric Ton
FOB Price:US $30.00-50.00
Liquid Glucose is an aqueous solution of nutritive saccharide obtained by starch hydrolysis, by using Corn and Rice as raw material, which is purified ...
Concentrated Soy Protein (Food Grade)-CSP
Min Order:5 Metric Ton
Concentrated Soy Protein -CSP- Food Grade 1. Brief Information: Sanwei’s Concentrated Soy Protein is a Food Grade soy protein concentrate with high ...
purple sweet potato color
coloring agent, mainly used in the coloring or color compensation for foodstuff like cakes, salted products, fruit jam
food ingredient ,additive from china
FOB Price:US $5.00-50.00
Dear Food Manufacturers Good day ,hope everything goes well with you . This is mandy from Suzhou 2Dragon company, which have 24years experience in the ...

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