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n Company produces and markets quality soil amendments and fertilizers including Cal-CM Plus!
For over 38 years, Art Wilson Co. has successfully mined, processed, marketed and transported bulk industrial minerals.
Wilson Co.’s reserves of calcium sulfate include several million tons of anhydrite, a form of gypsum that is of a higher purity in calcium

sulfate than the gypsum produced by our competitors. These reserves at the Adams Claim Mine in Carson City surpass six million tons,

and the company has additional calcium sulfate reserves of more than eight million tons approximately sixty miles to the east. The

company also has about 300 thousand tons of limestone reserves in Carson City and more than 20 million tons of limestone at two other


Wilson Co. has its own transportation unit consisting of 11 highway trucks. It also has a rail siding on a Union Pacific track, referred to

as Appian, located approximately 30 miles east of the Adams Claim Mine. These assets allow the company to take advantage of whatever

mode of transportation best fits our customers’ needs.

Wilson Co. currently markets its fertilizer products to an extensive distribution network consisting of turf and ornamental dealers, farm

supply co-ops, private commodity brokers, and several farm supply dealers who also transport and spread our products. In addition, we

deal directly with more than twenty-five independent fertilizer dealers. It is our intent to distribute our new product lines through our

existing network, and add new ones as the market dictates. Diversification into value added products is a natural line of expansion for

the company because (1) raw materials used for bulk sales are already owned by the company and are the same ingredients used in making

value added products; (2) introduction of natural mineral products at this time coincides with a growing market demand for soil

additives that are environmentally safe a

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