Problems of artificial sand during usage

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The artificial sand is collectively referred to as the mechanism of sand and mixed sand. It has been widely used, but in the using course, certain problems may arise as well.
Quality problems
There is also a natural lack in artificial sand: diverse grain shapes, large surface area and water demand. As technology advances, most of these problems have been resolved.
A grain shape: flakiness is too much, some of the problems are from rocks, but more important is the selection of equipment problems, if choosing special equipment, this problem can be solved completely.
B Grade is not entirely reasonable, and fineness is modulus. The majority of enterprises in order to reduce machine wear and tear lower production costs, production of sand fineness modulus is mostly above 3.0, while the best fineness modulus of configuration of concrete is about 2.6.
C Powder problem: mud powder on the concrete is harmful, it is necessary to strictly control its content. But the powder is beneficial to the concrete existence for appropriate amount of powder can make up for the shortcomings of poor workability of sand configuration. Today, many enterprises in the process of washing the soil also washed away a lot of powder, which destroyed the gradation of the sand.
The problem of understanding:
Gravel aggregate in the concrete is very important, playing the role of the skeleton and passing stress. The quality of the gravel has a direct impact on the development of concrete. In fact, the mechanism of sand in the particle size distribution, grain shape, surface characteristics, flakiness, particle content, porosity, etc. all have the unparalleled advantage of natural sand. However, due to their thinking and understanding, they often know less than the superiority of sand, only the mechanism of sand as a substitute for natural sand materials is treated as the mechanism to measure the sand with the standard of natural sand, thus seeing all the sand weaknesses.
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