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magnet  ring
Min Order:100 Piece(s)
FOB Price:US $0.10-100.00
Ring magnets: 1.Coating:Ni, Zn, Silver, gold, etc 2.Customization:available 3.Grades:N, M, H, SH, UH, EH
La+Ce  metal
We can provide as below rare earth goods, our offer is CIF to the dsstination, Payment term:T/T or L/C Lanthanum Oxide La2O3 99%-99.999% Cerium Oxide ...
Perforated Steel Wire Mesh Shale Shaker Frame Pyramid Screen
Detail: Perforated Steel Wire Mesh Shale Shaker Frame Pyramid Screen 1 Material: stainless wire mesh, perforated metal 2 Dimensions: 28*48 3 Mesh rang ...
Antimony Ingot99.65, 99.85
Min Order:1 Ton
Antimony is a kind of non-ferrous metal, silvery white solid with Polish and crisp character. Antimony can be used in fire prevention, ceramic, enamel ...
Europium Oxide
Min Order:10 Ton
Brief: Europium Oxide Formula Eu2O3 CAS NO.: 1308-96-9 Molecular Weight: 351.92 Appearance: White powder Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately so ...
SmCo Magnet
FOB Price:US $1.00-1000.00
SmCo is also named with SoCo magnetic steel, SmCo permanent magnet, SoCo permanent magnetic iron and rare-earth cobalt permanent magnet. It's a kind o ...
Rare Earth Magnets
Min Order:100 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $1.00-100.00
Rare earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements, producing significantly stronger magnetic fiel ...
Silicon Metal 553 #
Trademark?553# Specifications?(10-100) mm 90% Packing?Ton bag Appearance?Silver gray block Net weight?1, 000 kg Gross weight?1, 003 kg ?? ?? Si??(%) ? ...
Niobium oxide
Brief: CAS No.: 1313-96-8 Other Names: Niobium Pentoxide MF: Nb2O5 EINECS No.: 215-213-6 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Purity: 99.99% min Appearan ...
Diametrically Magnetized Neodymium Radial Ring Magnets Plated Zinc
Detail: Diametrically Magnetized Neodymium Radial Ring Magnets Plated Zinc Rings are similar to Discs, but are hollow in the center. Less volume means ...
Europium Oxide
Min Order:1 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $800.00-850.00
rare earth chloride, rare earth carbonate, rare earth nitrate, rare earth acetate, Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Samarium, Europium, Gad ...
Rare earth Thulium products
Rare earth Thulium products Thulium, distilled thulium metal, thulium chloride hexahydrate, thulium bromide hexahydrate, eight hydrate thulium iodide, ...
Paper board  beveling machine
Detail: A: Usage: To mill the bevel, which is used for glueing insulating paper cylinder. B: Equipment components: Work platform, hold down mechanism, ...
PE Coated Gabion Mesh Box
Detail: PEcoatedgabionmeshboxisdoubletwistedhexagonalmeshandwithpolyethylenecoatedsurfacefinish.(polyethylenethickness:0.38-1mm) 1)certifiedbyASTMA75- ...
Gold ragget
Min Order:25 Kilogram
FOB Price:US $22000.00-25000.00
A .Quantity: 500kg alluvial gold ragget monthly. B .Quality:96.95/92.6% Fineness or Better. C. Shipping Procedures; We ship 500kg monthly to any inter ...
sell tellurium
Min Order:1 Metric Ton
rose at hzzcmetal doc com Tellurium is chemically related to selenium and sulfur. Property: Tellurium adopts a polymeric structure, consisting of zig- ...
Lanthanum Hexaboride(LaB6) sputtering target, Lanthanum Hexaboride(LaB6) Cathode, Lanthanum Hexabori
Name: Lanthanum Hexaboride(LaB6) sputtering target, Lanthanum Hexaboride(LaB6) Cathode, Lanthanum Hexaboride(LaB6) crystalMolecular formula: LaB6 Colo ...
stainless steel seamless pipe and tube
Detail: ProductName: StainlessSMLSsteelpipes Features: A)Processmethod:Colddrawn/Coldrolled/Hot-rolled B)Surfacefinish:Annealedandpickled/polished/bri ...
scintillation crystal BGO
Min Order:1 Piece(s)
FOB Price:US $1.00-1000.00
Please contact me for more specific information about the price and details: flora AT topscintech DOT com S KY P E florence-shpic --Easy ordering with ...
Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings: SL1923 series cylindrical roller bearing SL192311
Detail: Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings WD cylindrical roller bearings have many designs, dimension series and sizes. The majority is single row ...

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