River gravel is the perfect building material

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Fundamentally to improve the mining area ecological environment and production conditions, Handan government made up a decision that to implement a large-scale project is called "thousand empty mine, ten thousands mu green". It means that using abandoned rocks to fill the empty mime, and then reclaimed field to make green with plants and restoration the landforms. It is a vast project and need filling a lot of empty mines, the large number of material are demanded, some of materials must be processed before using, because the abandoned rocks is waste materials and cannot be satisfied, therefore we have to using material from local that using mine tailings to process. Integration of land formation that flat the empty mine and spread a thick layer of soil above, it is available for vegetation growth on the environment.River gravel is the ideal building material, it has compact structure and higher hardness, ensured that it is the most optimal gravel aggregate materials. River gravel will become high quality stone material after crushing. Zhejiang, Sichuan, Chongqing and Hubei are mountainous which located in the Yangtze River basin, developed water system and contents rich of gravel aggregate, river gravel has become one of the way to help people be rich. As we know, any stone crushers will have more or less abrasion in the working process and this is inevitable. So what we can do is to reduce the abrasion as much as possible. In order to reduce the wear and tear of parts of crushers, we can improve from the following aspects: to select crushers scientifically and to use and select materials reasonably. Once the crusher type is not so suitable for the materials, it will lead the large energy consumption and then effect the production progress.Now, the impact crusher is a machine of mature technology, and manufacturers try to keep improving its performance such as looking for more wear-resistance materials and the partial adjustment like adding the hyd

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