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The Company perennial large supply of various types of color coated paper, the volume of color-coated steel, galvanized roll, coated products, Baosteel color coated paper, color coated paper of the the Angang Caitu volumes,0.2-1 .0 MM, 1.2M color coated paper, 1.0Mcolor coated paper Ye Hui Caitu volume, galvanized sheet.

The main methods used in the surface of galvanized steel sheet is hot-dip galvanizing.

Hot dip galvanized by the older hot-dip method evolved since the since the 1836 French hot-dip galvanizing used in industrial, have been one hundred and seventy years of history. However, the hot-dip galvanizing industry is nearly three decades with the rapid development of the cold rolled strip of a large-scale development.

Hot dip galvanized sheet production processes include: the original board to prepare ? ? thermal pre-treatment plating dip ? plating treatment ? finished product inspection. In accordance with the habit is often based on pre-plated

Different to the annealing of hot dip galvanizing process is divided into lines and lines within the annealing two categories, namely wet (single steel plate hot galvanized France), annealing (single sheet steel hot-dip galvanizing method) outside the line, hot dip galvanized Wheeling (Wheeling,) France (strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing method), in-line annealing Sendzimir (Sendzimir) Act (protection of Gas Act), modified Sendzimir method, U.S. Steel Union Law (with Japan Kawasaki method), Silas (Selas ) method and Sharon (Sharon) method.

Line outside the annealing
Recrystallization annealing is hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel before the hot-dip galvanizing operation lines, pumping the bottom type annealing furnace, or bell-type annealing furnace, so that the galvanizing line does not exist annealing process. Before hot-dip galvanizing, the steel plate must remain a non-oxide and other dirt clean surface of pure iron activity. This method is first the method of pickling the annealing of

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